We provide competent, specialized, mobile ready web site designs created from the ground up to optimize web site location in search engine results and integrate with Google AdWords advertising.

Google has over 95% of the on-line search business. Newspaper and direct mail advertising are barely effective, but still quite expensive, making properly managed on-line advertising essential to attracting your new customers.

I specialize in creating Google AdWords Campaigns that are tailored exactly to your Advertising needs. To work properly, I insure your web site design and content is perfectly integrated with your Google AdWords for excellent results and a high return on your AdWords dollars spent.

As each business is unique, the one size fits all approach employed by many Internet Advertising Companies results in money spent with poor returns.

Another essential aspect of web site design, which I specialize in is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This insures the web site I create places as high as possible in Google search results. It is far better to create the web site and content with SEO in mind as I do for all my customers. Usually this important part of web site design is handed off to a 3rd party by the developer after the web site is complete.

I provide competent, mobile ready web site design, maintenance and hosting. Some of my current customers include: Medical Professionals, Software Company, Leadership Sales Coaching, Health Food Store, Art Gallery, Chef, Non-profit Organizations and personal websites.

If you are interesting in creating your own web site, Pfk Hosting offers Unlimited email accounts and ftp upload, generous disc space and bandwidth, as well as Wordpress or Joomla. If you do not own a domain name we will work together to pick the best one for your needs and insure it resides under your control.